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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Passing Showers

Yesterday a passing, transient shower
Slaked my thirst so gently, softly
Showers in March is unheard —
In this arid part of the world.

They say the world is dying
I remember how your love died
It was a passing shower, a fancy
That left you cold and shivering.

This distance, these technical things
Couldn’t bring you together
The distances grew farther
The eyes, too, misted with showers.

What are you holding in your heart —
Which you can’t tell me in stealing time
What is that one thing your soul
Doesn’t want me to know about you?

Your world is far removed, receding,
I can only view the landscape
Of another woman’s deep distress
Is it much to expect to let showers fall?

In this wasteland of suppressed emotions,
Will the showers of your tears ever stop?
Will the passing showers cease suddenly —
And usher in the blossoms of spring?

© John 2006

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